Grade 7 Tours

Hello Grade 6 students/parents/families, 

Queen Charlotte Intermediate will be providing school tours and a brief information session for all incoming grade 7 students in May. The dates and times for each feeder school is outlined below. We ask that parents park in the Simmons parking lot. Students may enter the triple doors (facing Simmons) where our staff will meet them in the cafeteria. We will begin our tour from the cafeteria and then make our way through the school, providing information about the school and grade 7 in particular, during the tour. Students will then exit through the grade 8 doors (corner doors facing Simmons) where they will meet their parents in the Simmons parking lot. Tours will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Students are asked to wear their masks during their visit.
West Royalty School - Tuesday, May 18th - 6A- 3:15, 6B- 3:30, 6C- 3:45, 6D- 4:00
Spring Park School- Wednesday, May 19th - 6A- 3:15, 6B- 3:30, 6C- 3:45, 6D- 4:00
West Kent/St. Jean - Thursday, May 20th - Group 1- 3:15, Group 2- 3:30
This is an optional tour for students. After the tours are completed, we will send out a link to all feeder schools to share with grade 6 students/parents/families to view a Welcome to Grade 7 slideshow. We will also post the slideshow on our QC school website after the completion of the QC school tours. 

Again if you have any questions after the school tours and after viewing the slideshow, please call Queen Charlotte Intermediate School at 902-368-6970. Thank you.