Queens County Home & School Gold Rush

We are very excited to share that the Queens County Home & Schools Gold Rush will be launching Monday, May 10, 2021. Please check this short Gold Rush Video for more information!

It has been a challenging year for Home & School fund raising, and our home and schools have foregone many of the fund raising they have done in the past to keep our students, parents, staff and community safe. 

Participating Home & Schools in Queens County have come together to support one another and to provide a safe, no contact, online weekly raffle. The new Queens County Home & Schools Gold Rush is an innovative way to generate funds for our school activities and projects, while minimizing the level of effort that coordinating fundraisers often requires. 

The new Gold Rush is powered by local PEI start-up, Causable Inc. Causable provides the Easy to Play online raffle, on a secure platform, ensuring no contact, regulatory compliance and reducing the usual human errors of manual fundraising.

Your local home and school committees fundraise in order to purchase items that will benefit as many students as possible. Some examples of these items are play equipment, funds for music and band, books for classrooms and libraries, breakfast and lunch programs, just to name a few.

For any of our Home & School fundraisers to be a success, we need your help getting the word out, generating excitement, and participating!  How can you help? Play Gold Rush. Talk about it. Tell your friends. Share promotions on social media. 

Follow/Like Queens County Home & Schools Gold Rush social media accounts. Share their promotions. When you share promotions, ask friends and followers to “Support our Home and School by playing and sharing”.

How does Gold Rush Work?

1. Join the game: https://queenscountyschools.goldrush.causable.io/

2. Are assigned numbers. 

  • These numbers are yours forever and are entered into every draw.

3. Every week, you: 

  • Play (by paying) 
  • Or don’t play (by not paying)

4. Every week a number is drawn

5. The number is announced

6. One of two outcomes:

  • The number was played that week
    • The person owning the number wins
    • Half the pot to the number holder
    • Half (less operation fees) to the charity
    • The pot resets
  • The number drawn was not played that week
    • The amount of the pot is not reset and the game continues next cycle