Flaunt Your French Contest

Canadian Parents for French PEI are holding a virtual speech contest (un concours d'art oratoire) for grade 1-12. Queen Charlotte will participate in the grades 7-9 category. Information about this contest can be found on the CPF website. There are also posters displayed around the school.
What do you need to do? Submit a 1-3 minute video on any topic that you are passionate about from your favorite hobby to your take on current events that demonstrates your French speaking skills and creativity. The website includes topic suggestions to help with ideas. If you wish to take part in this contest, a meeting will be held with Mme MacIsaac and Mme Cooper (and any other French teachers who are interested in helping out) in Mme Cooper's room on Wednesday, April 14th at lunch. (More details on time closer to Wednesday) Deadline to submit videos through the CPF website is May 1st. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 students in each category (Early, Late, and Core French).
So check out the website, think of a topic, record, upload, and share your video as you "Flaunt Your French"!